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Welcome to the GuildPortal Website for the Members of NOVASTORM and Guests. I hope you will find this site your "Home Away From Home" while playing Mabinogi. This site will be under construction for some time so everything found here will considered a "beta" version, but, I hope you will all still find this an invaluable resource pertaining to Guild News and Business. [10-20-2010 Chisaka]

If you are a member of NOVASTORM, You will get access as soon as one of the admins come and accept your application. Remember to sign in using your character name so we know who you are....

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New Background Image?!?

Chisaka, Jun 24, 11 2:25 PM.
Yup! The background Image has changed and Look for more image changes in the coming future. Our Guild name included "Nova" in the title so I thought a Supernova might make a good choice. Chisaka [06-24-2011]


Chisaka, Jun 24, 11 2:22 PM.
Nothing new here in a LONG while. I've decided to redo the website and simplify a LOT of things. We deleted a bunch of members who were essentially dead weight and a few left because we weren't the kind of guild they wanted. Sadly, I think we would have been what they wanted had they been willing to help out a little. Oh well... Their loss. Did you see the guild our old OFFICER left to join? HAHAHAhahahaha.... I suppose I shouldn't laugh. But, UNCOOL hardly describes it. Still, I understood WHY he left even if I don't agree with it. Our New Officer Paul, is FAR more suited to the job anyways. I invite you all to make GOOD friends with him. When I first joined Mabi, He and I got stuck on Renes Island until dawn came and we could escape via the Mana Tunnel. We've been friends since then... ^^;

Chisaka [06-24-2011]
By the way, the guild is now over a year old....
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